Heads You Lose

A Novel

By Lisa Lutz + David Hayward

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john mccain photoFresh off a vacation, a move, and a week or five of old-fashioned laziness, I’m ready to face up to a troubling reality. The contest that started six months ago in a corner of this site's homepage, in which voters chose which Heads You Lose author they'd rather collaborate with, is over.

To all my supporters, let me make one thing clear: Persistent rumors of voting improprieties do not taint Lisa’s victory. No rules prohibited the use of industry cronyism, thinly veiled threats, or bald promises of cash gifts or sexual favors. Under those conditions, Lisa accumulated 57.3% of the vote—hardly a resounding mandate for a New York Times Bestselling Author, but a solid majority. I’m heartened by the fact that a healthy 42.7% of voters demonstrated that they were free thinkers (“Dave Sympathizers” in Lutzspeak) who value artistic merit above star power.

Anyway, it’s time for a new poll.

Heads You Lose’s, uh, substantial cast of characters has been noted by many readers and reviewers. Which one is your favorite? (Note: This is a simple matter of gauging your enjoyment, not a roundabout attempt to once again measure each author’s relative contributions to the book.) Take the poll (lower-right corner).

Bonus challenge: Without consulting the book,1 answer this question: Who is Franklin Fisher? One randomly selected correct answer will win a hardcover edition signed by one or both authors.

1 If you skipped Lisa’s chapters, you may consult the book.

Response from Lisa:

I know I should humbly accept my victory and thank those wise readers who voted for me and say something to my coauthor about how he put up a good fight. But, honestly, I still can’t get over the fact that I didn’t win by more. Who the hell is David Hayward anyway? Some people still doubt his existence and yet he gets 42.7% of the vote. There was some funny business going on in the Hayward camp. That’s all I’m saying. And to all those Dave sympathizers out there, suck it!


Ah, I always smile when I see an update from either or both of you on Facebook. It’s heartening to know there are writers out there who aren’t afraid of footnotes!

Franklin Fisher the undermentioned “accountant”/ “legal adviser”?

Ps the poll mus be iPad unfriendly, so I’ll assume I can vote for Irving. I really enjoyed when he said “Meow”

I got a message popped up saying my comment is being moderated, is this because I said I liked Irving best? Because I’ll take it back, had way too many lines for a cat. Better?

Can’t believe we left out Irving. Terrible oversight by the electoral commission.

Electoral commission=Dave. I’m shocked he left out Irving. I saw it as progress.

It was hard to pick a favorite.  Almost all of the characters had endearing quirks.  I really enjoyed the notes b/w the authors after each chapter as well.
How long is the contest running?

Big Marv’s lawyer. 
Is the contest still going on?

Congrats to Susan :)
I’m going to go google shops that sell two headed coins. I hear they make excellent favorite author gifts, and I want to beat the holiday rush.

Yay!!! I am so excited.  Thank you very much!

I didn’t see David’s name, but Lisa’s name was there? Did I miss something?  I would still have voted for Terry/Jerry/Larry what’s his name! Laughing out loud on the demise of them all!!

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